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Chapter 1: Moi

Morning, afternoon or evening, to you, I am 20-year-old English Literature student studying in the UK. I've been wanting to start writing for a while now, but have always been too nervous that it wouldn't turn out the way I wanted. But y'know. "Life's short, talk fast" is my new Gilmore Girls moto, so here I am starting my first blog post, in my PJ's on a Saturday night... this really is student life.

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Satin shirts and testing out the Olympus OM-D-M10.

  A few weeks ago, I arrived at the ripe age of 21 and with that, I decided to set myself a few new goals, one of which, to be a little more active with my blog. Whilst studying at... Continue Reading →

Generic coffee addict

When I was a little one, the concept of coffee seemed wholly repulsive- a dingy brown colour liquid, which also had an unusual smell- and the concept of drinking it myself seemed highly unlikely. Tea wasn't even on the cards,... Continue Reading →

Finding Autumn colours

Somehow Autumn seems to have dropped on us rather early- it’s not even October, and already I’m having a major re-shuffle of my wardrobe, hauling out all my favourite velvet pieces and purple suede boots. Going from a rather vivid... Continue Reading →

Holiday Wardrobe

Normally,  I've struggled in the past over my summer wardrobe, never finding shorts that fit, everything selling out before summer has even started in around April and just generally disliking a lot of the styles high street brands bring out.... Continue Reading →

Personal thoughts on ‘being yourself, because everyone else is taken’ (Oscar Wilde)

  This is going to be a rather personal post. As I sit here typing, I have Rufus Wainwright's 'Dinner at Eight' playing in the background (pretty somber eh?), bringing to realisation the impact of other's actions on your sense... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3: Life Updates

Somehow I've managed to complete my second year of study, and also, grown my hair out to shoulder length (joy, its only taken a year...). Easter for me was pretty much studying, with the odd tea and coffee break around... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4: Crete Loving

"something romantic and authentic"I felt I should re-open my blogg with some of my happiest moments this summer; in the beautiful Greek island of Crete. I took 3 cameras with me; my bridge, polaroid and a few dispoasble ones, as... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2. Pretty, yummy things.

Bonjour, So, I am a sucker for retro/ vintage objects and places, and usually, have to take a sneaky picture without the shop holders seeing. I love exploring new places, especially tea shops, coffee houses and independent bookstores, and pretty much have hundreds of pictures scattered everywhere.

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